Hong Kong National Swimming Team for a Training Camp (April, 2017)

We hosted the Hong Kong national swimming team at Swimpia Nara in Yamato-koriyama City from April 18th to 22nd.
This team held 20 players and 2 staffs in this time.

We exchanged commemorative gifts when they had a courtesy visit to Arai Governor, and we held an encouragement ceremony for them during a break time on the first day (April 18th) of their staying in Nara.
They also went some sightseeing areas in Yamatokoriyama City and Nara City. They could touched a historical taste of Nara on the last day (April 22nd).

We would like to utilize this opportunity for keep our relationship.

▲Courtesy Visit to Arai Governor

▲Encouragement Ceremony

▲Practice at Swimpia Nara 1

▲Practice at Swimpia Nara 2

▲Sightseeing in Yamato-koriyama City

▲Sightseeing in Nara City 1

▲Sightseeing in Nara City 2

▲Send-Off 1

▲Send-Off 2

■Facilities:Swimpia Nara
■Hotal:Hotel Asyl Nara Annex