Hong Kong National Swimming Team Training Camp (April, 2017)

Hong Kong national swimming team perform a training camp at Swimpia Nara in Yamato-koriyama City from April 18th to 22nd.

This team includes 20 players and 2 staffs in this time.

They had a courtesy visit to Arai Governor, we exchanged commemorative items and performed an encouragement ceremony for them in a break time at the first day (April 18th) of their staying in Nara.
They also went some sightseeing areas in Yamatokoriyama City and Nara City, and touched some enchantments of Nara at the last day (April 22nd) of their staying.

We would like to utilize this opportunity for keep our relationship.

▲Courtesy Visit to Arai Governor

▲Encouragement Ceremony

▲Practice at Swimpia Nara 1

▲Practice at Swimpia Nara 2

▲Sightseeing in Yamato-koriyama City

▲Sightseeing in Nara City 1

▲Sightseeing in Nara City 2

▲Send-Off 1

▲Send-Off 2

■Facilities:Swimpia Nara
■Hotal:Hotel Asyl Nara Annex