Business Tour by the Singapore Table Tennis Association(June, 2017)

From June 21st to 23rd in 2017, delegations of the Singapore Table Tennis Association had a business tour for visiting facilities in Nara.

In this time, Eddy Tay team manager and one more stuff visited Nara.

Director General of the Living Department at Nara Prefectural Government presented a personal letter from the governer of Nara and a commemorative gift to them.
The Mayor of Gojo City also presented a personal letter and a commemorative gift to them when we had a public meeting in Gojo City.

Yamatokoriyama city and Nara Prefecture were registered as “Host Town” to Singapore for the Tokyo 2020 based on our experience of their training camp in June, 2016.
We will keep our continuing relationship.

▲Personal Letter from the Governer of Nara

▲Jtekt Arena1

▲Jtekt Arena2

▲Gojo City Kozuke Park General Gymnasium1

▲Gojo City Kozuke Park General Gymnasium2

▲Gift from the Mayor of Gojo

Nara Prefectural Kashihara Park Gymnasium 1
Gojo City Kozuke Park General Gymnasium
Hotel Nikko Nara
River Side Hotel (Gojo City)