Ukrainian Athletic Federation (February, 2018)

From Februaray 19th to 21st in 2018, delegates of the Ukrainian Athletic Federation had a business tour for visiting facilities in Nara. The Chairman of the Ukrainian Athletic Federation, Mr. Ihor Hotsul (as The Vice-President of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee), and Vyacheslav Tyrtyshnyk National Coach visited Nara in this time.

The Vice Governor of Nara and the Director General of the Living Department at Nara Prefectural Government presented commemorative gifts when they visited government office.
They visited 5 facilities around Kashihara City and Nara City mainly, and they told us they will move ahead to think about a pre-training camp in Nara positively.

We would make an effort to get our relationship more closer for camps and other interact events continuously.

▲Kashihara Park1

▲Kashihara Park2

▲Swimpia Nara1

▲Swimpia Nara2

▲Konoike Sports Park1

▲Konoike Sports Park2

▲Personal Letter from the President given by the Vice President

▲with the Vice President of Nara

▲with the Director General of Nara

Nara Prefectural Kashihara Park
Swimpia Nara (Inside of Mahoroba Athletic Park)
Konoike Sports Park
Hotel Nikko Nara