Singapore Swimming Team Training Camp(September, 2014)

We accepted the Singapore Swimming Team for a training camp before the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014.
We hosted them at Swimpia Nara in Yamatokoroyama city from September 10th to 16th.

15 players, 5 coaches and staffs participated in this training camp.

We prayed for their success at the Asian Games and we held an encouragement ceremony after the training on September 12th.

Players who had the training in Nara won the silver and the bronze medals at the Asian Games.

Yamatokoriyama city and Nara Prefecture were registered as “Host Town” to Singapore for the Tokyo 2020 based on this experience in June, 2016.

▲training scenery


▲group photo

■Training Facility:Swimpia Nara
■Accommodation:Hotel Nikko Nara