The Australian Women’s National Football Team Pre-Match Training Camp(February, 2016)

The Australian women’s national football team (Westfield Matildas) had a pre-match training camp prior to the Asian qualifiers Final Round for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

In October 1993, Nara city and Canberra city made a contract as a sister-city.
In 1997, exchanges in the field of football started.
The President of the local football association of Canberra introduced Nara as a camp site for the Asian Qualifiers Final Round of the Rio Olympics.In responce to this,Nara Prefecture,Nara City and the Nara Football Association have decided to work together to help the team to schieve their aims.

21 players,14 coaches and saffs participated in this training camp.In this step,final adjustment is done by checking the formation.
We held a welcome function,public training and public session(signing,photographs) during this training camp.

That was the very good experience of the pre-match training camp acceptance.

▲public training


▲welcom function

▲public session

▲sightseeing at Todaiji Temple

▲Westfield Matildas

■練習施設:Nara City Konoike Sports Park Athletics Stadium
■宿泊施設:Hotel Nikko Nara