Of the 19* UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Japan, three are in Nara—more than in any other prefecture. Nara’s extensive and fascinating heritage is a source of local pride. All three heritage listings—the Buddhist Monuments in the Horyuji Area (registered in 1993), the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara (1998), and the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range (2004)—have roots that run deep in the history and culture of Japan. Even Japanese people visiting these sites make new discoveries about their own country.
Legend has it that Nara rst became Japan’s capital over 2,600 years ago. To this day, the area faithfully preserves its valuable historical assets for posterity.


A temperate area with few natural disasters
Temperature (centigrade)
May June July August September October November
Nara 20.1 21.5 25.8 27.0 21.6 16.6 13.2
Tokyo 21.1 22.1 26.2 26.7 22.6 18.4 13.9
Sunshine (hours)
May June July August September October November
Nara 232.8 119.2 140.0 180.9 146.5 213.9 100.9
Tokyo 240.6 137.3 181.8 137.6 113.3 181.3 120.1
Precipitation (mm)
May June July August September October November
Nara 99.0 192.5 265.5 175.0 131.0 49.0 116.0
Tokyo 88.0 195.5 234.5 103.5 503.5 57.0 139.5
Humidity (%)
May June July August September October November
Nara 66.0 79.0 83.0 78.0 82.0 73.0 84.0
Tokyo 62.0 75.0 80.0 78.0 79.0 66.0 74.0

Nara has a mild, agreeable climate with average temperatures similar to those of Tokyo. There’s less rain in Nara than in Tokyo, which means you can make the most of your precious pre-competition time. Because Nara is located in a basin without coastal areas, it has a continental climate that makes for warm days and mild nights; perfect for cooling down after training or relaxing during your downtime.

Medical Support

Top-notch medical support

The New Nara Prefecture General Medical Center opens in 2018. The new hospital complex, which includes a large medical education building, will serve as the core medical institution in Nara Prefecture. All areas of clinical research will be performed here, and a full-scale clinical training system will be in place.
With the ability to handle critical emergencies, a heliport for air ambulances, a disaster-proof building structure, and a highly specialized team of professionals, this hospital will provide the very best in medical care for the region.

Medical Institutions