Active international exchanges in Nara, a global sightseeing destination

Since ancient times, Nara has prospered as a hub for political and religious activity. People from all walks of life have been drawn to Nara, seeing it as a place where they can find spiritual solace, discuss state affairs, or pray for the wellbeing of others. Nara gave birth to the Japanese spirit of respecting and appreciating other cultures. That’s why Nara’s welcoming hospitality extends not only to people from Japan, but also to people and cultures from abroad.

Previous training camps in Nara

2002 Tunisia men’s national soccer team, 2002 FIFA World Cup (Kashihara Park Athletics Stadium)
2014 Singapore national swimming team, 2014 Incheon Asian Games (Swimpia Nara)
2015 Tokyo Metropolis swimming team, 2015 Kinokuni Wakayama National Sports Festival (Swimpia Nara)
2016 Australia women’s national soccer team, final stage of the women’s Rio Olympics qualiers (Konoike Sports Park Athletics Stadium)

The omotenashi spirit

Nara is a global tourist destination that welcomes over 38 million visitors a year, including 660,000 people from overseas. The Nara Prefecture International Citizens Center was opened in 2013 to provide services such as interpreting. And in 2015, the Nara Visitor Center and Inn opened to serve as a base for international exchange. As well as providing tourist information and holding Japanese culture events, the center also introduces volunteer guides to help tourists enjoy their visit.